Bee frames in Kanab, UT.
My first bee colony in Kanab, UT.
Natural honey in Kanab, UT.
Bee nucleus full of bees in Kanab, UT.

My first hives.

Late summer of first year.

Nucs full of bees, second year.

Second year growth.

Water for the bees.

Finally, honey to sell.

I started Beedaddy Apiary four years ago because my wife said that the USA was losing its bees and honey to some disease so I got off my butt and started my own apiary. First, it was late November when I started so I could not buy any bees until spring so not knowing anything about bees except that they will sting you, I bought bee books, the best one being Bees for Dummies. I listened to a bunch of YouTube videos and most of all I listened to my local beekeeper who gave me advice on setting up a bee nucleus in Kanab, UT.

Afterward, I purchased ten nucs from my local dealer and put them into hives that I built over the winter. I put the hives in some of my neighbors' backyards with their permission. Not a good idea. Sooner or later someone or some pet is going to get stung and they call and want the bees moved now. I learned to keep my bees and honey in my own yard and enclose them in a fenced-in area. I have not had any problems with my bee nucleus since.


If you have questions just call 435-819-0215.

I would like to thank the nice people from Fresno who gave me help feeding my bees on August 7. Thankyou.